Key Personnel

Stephen M. Symons
CEO, Chairman of the Board

David Rose
President, General Manager

Horace Howells
Vice President and General Counsel

Mark Reisman
Financial and Banking Affairs

Michael Dekker
General Sales

John Geib
Operations Manager

Aaron N. Dym


Brand Managers

Peggy Nye

Andrew Rose

Dan Hodowanec

Adam Stouffer

Craft / Specialty

Sales Teams

Shane Doughty, Sales Manager

  • Steve Lauver
  • Ryan Magill
  • Sherry Ciccolini
  • Peggy Bargo

Kim Weigel,  Sales Manager

  • Amber Kauffman
  • Ryan Clay
  • Scott Attivo
  • Steve Bleyer
  • Rachel Moyer
  • Hannah Groff (merchandiser)

Keith Brandt, Sales Manager

  • Drew Wilson
  • Kelly Attivo
  • Scott Kintz
  • Skyler Hunt
  • Patrick Gorman
  • Jared Patt
  • Kyle Otstot (merchandiser)

Jesse Jorich, Sales Manager

  • Steve Corl (POS building)
  • Michael Palmieri (merchandiser)