• 1933
    Founded by Julius Waxman and Samuel Levy.

  • 1948
    Bernard Symons, after returning from World War II, purchases W&L from his brothers in-law.


  • 1950
    Modern office and warehouse built at the corner of Second and Paxton Streets.


    W&L becomes one of the first Miller Brewing Company distributors in the nation.

  • 1959
    New and larger warehouse constructed at 1201 South Cameron Street.

  • 1969
    Stephen Symons, Bernard’s son, joins the company.


  • 1972
    Storm Agnes devastates Harrisburg and destroys the company’s inventory, vehicles and records, while severely damaging the office and warehouse structures. Remarkably, shipping resumes in two days.

  • 1978
    New and larger warehouse constructed at 4050 Industrial Road.


  • 1988
    Coors is introduced in Pennsylvania. W & L is appointed distribution rights to nine counties in Central Pennsylvania and adds an additional 16,200 square feet of refrigerated space to the warehouse.

  • 1989
    W&L is appointed distributor for the Seagram’s Beverage Company.


  • 1992
    Owner Bernard H. Symons passes away at age 83, after a 45-year career in the malt beverage industry.

  • 1993
    W&L purchases the distribution rights for Pabst Brewing Company in Mifflin and Juniata counties

  • 1994
    W&L acquires the distribution rights for Molson USA


  • 1998
    W&L purchases the distribution rights of Brandt Distributors of Harrisburg, Inc.; including the rights to Old Milwaukee, Heineken, Labatt, Rolling Rock, and Appalachian Brewing Company.

  • 1999
    W&L acquires additional distribution rights for Rolling Rock and Labatt.


  • 2006
    W&L becomes an Anheuser-Busch distributor as a result of AB’s acquisition of Rolling Rock and Grolsch from United States Beverage, and AB’s merger with InBev European Import Brands, Stella, Artois, Leffe, and Hoegaarden.

  • 2008
    W&L acquires Rogue, Stoudt’s, Spaten, Sapporo, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Fuller’s, Corsendonk, Dixie and Czechvar.

2010 – Present

  • 2012
    W&L re-introduces Philadelphia’s Yards to Central Pennsylvania.


    W&L launches Lagunitas throughout its 9 County footprint.