Lionshead , Lionshead is a classic Standard American Lager Crisp, clean and slightly dry with some residual sweetness, it is as refreshing as it is thirst-quenching.

Lionshead Light , Lionshead Light, a light American lager, is crisp, clean and slightly dry with some residual sweetness. It is lighter in body than our Lionshead.

Stegmaier , Brewed to the taste of the nation, Stegmaier Gold Medal is the embodiment of a typical American lager. This light-bodied beer originally obtained its name from winning 8 gold medals at various European expositions in 1913. We have continued using these same time honored techniques that give the beer its winning taste. We use the finest American grown malt, and artfully blend it with Galena and Mt. Hood hops.

Stegmaier Pumpkin Ale , A full bodied ale with hints of pumpkin pie, brown sugar and spices. We brew this ale with real pumpkin and spices and allow it to slowly age to bring out the full aromas and tastes. It’s a wonderful way to savor fall’s best flavors.